Best part-time job ever!


Earn 6-figures from home... 

if you're not afraid to talk to people!



  • Work when you want
  • Work from anywhere 
  • Build a residual income stream that keeps paying
  • 90% commission on all new sales
  • 20% commission on all renewal sales
  • $145,000+/yr guaranteed by year 5 at most
  • Be over $1,000/mo by your second month!
  • Genuine business-to-business product
  • Simple product with short learning curve
  • Multiple products lines: sell what you want
  • Training and support provided



Job Overview


This is a commissioned sales position which by definition means that 98% of people cannot do the job effectively. The ideal candidate is someone who has the ability to persevere even in the face of rejection. Because, unless you're selling free money, all sales jobs include a certain percentage of lost sales. However, if you have the the kind of personality to just keep plugging away and keep talking to people you will accomplish the goals outlined on the following pages. And as a result, you will earn enough to replace your present day job within a short time! Click HERE to learn more about our company.


How is That Possible?


Residual income. The most wonderful invention of modern man right along with compound interest. The easiest example for most people to understand is their local insurance agent. When you purchase your car insurance the agent gets paid a commission. If he sells a lot of policies that month he does pretty well. But the beauty of that industry is that your buddy Joe Insurance Agent next month is going to get paid that commission AGAIN when you pay your premium next month! That's called residual income and that's truly a thing of beauty.


Our salespeople are paid in the same manner. This is not rocket science, not some to-good-to-be-true scheme. It's all based on simple numbers that anyone with half a brain can understand. Click HERE to view the detailed compensation example. 




Compensation Overview


  • Work part-time or full
  • Part-time, averaging 3 hrs/day
  • Make one sale per day
  • Earn $1,000 Part-time in 30 days
  • $145,000/YR at least by year 5
  • Work full-time to earn more!
  • Additional bonuses
  • Supplement or entirely replace your current job in short time!