Retention Dynamics


                                             Business productivity tools that actually work



What we do


Retention Dynamics is a young, growing company with a proven track record of providing tools to business owners to better manage their customers and employees. When a business owner properly deploys our suite of tools the net results are:


  • Increased customer retention
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased referrals
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Decreased expenses
  • Increased net profits

Our primary products are CRM, Newsletter, Greeting Cards. CRM is customer relations management software. That tool helps a business owner to manage customers in such a way that they feel the business owner truly cares about them and they feel special. That's a long way of saying it improves customer retention. The CRM also helps the owner manager their employees and the health of their business. The monthly customer newsletter is another tool that makes customers feel special creating a high perceived value at a very low cost. And of course greeting cards are pretty self explanatory.



Other Productivity Tools We Sell


Secure GDPR-compliant website hosting

  • Webform development
  • Call recording software
  • Computer monitoring services
  • Asset tracking
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Intelligence reports - prospects, competitors, industry trends

Visit our website to learn more about the products and company you'd be representing. 



Job Description


This is the perfect job for parents, especially single parent households. You can work odd hours around your chaotic schedule. You will probably have to make cold calls, something that nobody likes to do. You can also market our products in several other ways..check out Selling Tips to learn how to earn more with less effort.  At the end of the day, if you work hard you will be well compensated. That doesn't necessarily mean working long hours. It means working smarter. 


You will be hired as an independent outside sales representative for our company. We will provide you with a company branded email address and lead lists if you want them. You will need to contact small business owners and sell them our products. You can choose your hours, work 1 hour a day if you want! 


Our ideal candidate is someone possessing the following characteristics:


  • Seriously outgoing, "life of the party" kind of person
  • Battle-hardened self esteem such that when you have 20 people in a row who don't buy you know it's got nothing to do with you and is obviously their loss
  • Hard worker, when you work
  • Self directed, can work well alone yet is still teachable
  • Strong desire to succeed!
  • Strong desire to be debt-free
  • Bonus: you have a number of business contacts in any of the industries we currently serve, as listed in the table to the right


Learn more about our expectations for you and what you can expect from us by clicking HERE.


Industries Served




Automotive products distributor

Automotive repair shop

Automotive sales

Beauty products distributor

Beauty salon


Cleaning service

Day spa

Dental office

Financial services


Home products distributor

HVAC contractor

Insurance agency


Massage therapist

Mortgage broker

Nail salon

Pet product distributor

Pet sitter

Pet waste removal service

Pool service



Wellness product distributor