Residual Income

                                     Your earnings keep growing...





Multiple Compensation Sources


Guaranteed $1,000 in 30 days working part-time!


Over the next 30 days if you spend just a few hours each weekday promoting our products you will earn at least $1,000 after achieving a very modest goal. Maintain that modest part-time pace over the next few years and by year 5 you will be earning over $145,000.  More than $115,000 of that would be from residual commissions. Meaning, if you want to take a month off you can easily do that! Or two. We will help you to build a residual income stream exceeding your monthly expenses so that you can spend more time pursuing things that truly interest you, like maybe family, a hobby or just plain fun! 


Based on experience, below are the goals that you should realistically expect, if you work hard a few hours every day. Just remember, you can set your own hours and methods. If you use some of our selling tips you will be able to accomplish the mission even faster.


You are paid in multiple ways. First, you will be paid based on every new sale. You will receive 90% of whatever the total sale was. Second, you will be paid every month as each subscription renews at 20%, some restrictions may apply. Thirdly, you will receive an annual bonus based on other criteria. 


This is a sales organization so other bonuses are always possible based on overall company growth and your individual effectiveness.



Five Year Compensation Working Part-Time

(Selling 1 new Newsletter subscription at $59 per day: first month commission = $53.10; renewal commissions = $11.80) 

Compensation Overview


  • Work part-time or full
  • Part-time, averaging 3 hrs/day
  • Make one sale per day
  • Earn $1,000 Part-time in 30 days
  • $145,000/YR at least by year 5
  • Work full-time to earn more!
  • Additional bonuses
  • Supplement or entirely replace your current job in short time!

Remember, you are not limited by these numbers, sell more = earn more! 


                                                   But also, these are not guarantees! Sell less = earn less.