Tips on How to Succeed in this  Job!



This is an independent outside sales position. That means you are free to pretty much do whatever you want in order to accomplish the mission. You can prospect for new sales by cold calling. You can just use email. You can go door to door in person. You are free to communicate with prospective customers in any manner of ways that you see fit. However, here is a list of best practices which you may want to deploy that will yield predictable results leading to success.

































Do these 5 proven activities consistently and you will accomplish the goal and get to the income level you really want to be at! Click HERE to review the mission.





Industries Served




Automotive products distributor

Automotive repair shop

Automotive sales

Beauty products distributor

Beauty salon


Cleaning service

Day spa

Dental office

Financial services


Home products distributor

HVAC contractor

Insurance agency


Massage therapist

Mortgage broker

Nail salon

Pet product distributor

Pet sitter

Pet waste removal service

Pool service



Wellness product distributor


Look at the list of industries that we currently serve and write down a list of everyone you know who either owns or works at one of those type of businesses




First contact the ones that you know on a personal basis. Be sure to tell them it takes a good 4 hours or so each month to make their own newsletter and then point out that their time is valuable and they can get a professionally designed and fully customized newsletter to email out to their contacts for just $59 per month




Don't be afraid to talk to your State Farm or Farmers insurance agents. Just because they work for a larger company they are still self employed business owners who need better tools to take care of their clients.






Ask every subscriber who you sell for at least one referral. Maybe someone in their same industry but also can be someone whom they are close with that works in another industry





And you can always also use our marketing lists and just do it the old fashioned way and cold call people